Norwegian Farmer’s Son…December 28th


POEM – “My Trombone, Was A Twilight Zone”  by N. Elliott Noorlun

#1053.b KHS Band 1967 300
The Honorable Mr. Milton Glende leads the 1966-67 Kiester High School Marching Band down the Main Street of Elliott’s hometown of Kiester, Minnesota.

It likely happened, When they’d pass,

I’d see that sparkling, Flashing brass,

And want one for, My very own,

A golden sounding, Slide trombone.

NFS 12.28b
Elliott dreamed of being in the band.

In my dreams, I’d be the best,

With handsome horn, And sharply dressed,

To follow in, My sister’s ways,

As a band member in, Her high school days.

#1022 MIlton Glende KHS Band Director
The Respected Mr. Milton Glende.

So timidly, I knocked on the door,

Of our great educator, Who knew the score,

Of many a show, And many a song,

Under his care, I just couldn’t go wrong.

NFS 12.28f
Oldie but a goodie was Elliott’s horn.

Mr. Glende, Took me aside,

And issued me horn, That could play and slide.

He said, “The more you practice, The more you play”,

“Will make me smile, And wanna say YAY!”

NFS 12.28e
Elliott WAS bad!

At first, I blew, That horn every day,

It’d even make cows, Look up from their hay,

But then, I’d forget, Or be too busy,

Or make up excuse, That it made me dizzy.

Man standing with his fingers plugging his ears
Poor Mr. Glende’s ears!

So when it came time, For lesson in town,

Poor Mr. Glende, Could only frown.

For the sorry excuse, For notes from my horn,

Just brought me to shame, And well-deserved scorn.

My trombone became, Like a twilight zone,

To the point I was scared to play,

For fear of what, Mr. Glende would say,

As I came on my lesson day.

NFS 12.28c
“Bone Head” for Elliott meant “bad”!

“It’s obvious, Elliott, You’ve not found the time”,

“To make your trombone, Sound sublime”.

“Thank you for trying, Now have a good day,”

Said dear Mr. Glende, As I went my way.

NFS 12.28i
A wise saying.

So if there is something, That challenges you,

Remember that there is, A payment due.

“Practice makes perfect”, And every day,

You’ll get closer to beauty, In every way.

NFS 12.28j




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