Norwegian Farmer’s Son…December 29th


POEM – “Candi Wings”   by N. Elliott Noorlun

#26=Candi & Elliott Noorlun(1959)
Elliott’s little sister, Candice, on the left in red dress.

You may not have noticed, Yet they are there,

The angel wings, My sister does wear.

For since her youth, Heart tender and rare,

You’ll see her giving love, And offering care.

NFS 12.29a

With agape love, Beyond her own,

Though body be weary, And tired prone,

With compassion n memory, Her energies strive,

To celebrate birthdays, Whether ninety or five.

#250=Noorlun kids; December 1960
Elliott on top, Candice below.

With quiet resolve, She has often stood,

In defense of those, Who knew she would,

Come to their aid, Sharing love and home,

Refuge and peace, No more need they roam.

“Candi”, Sweet is my sister’s name,

An angel on earth, In human frame.

NFS 12.29c
Candice Lynn Noorlun Ehrich…..The sweetest angel of a sister Elliott could ever ask for!! ><>

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