Norwegian Farmer’s Son…October 19th


NFS 10.19b
Elliott’s enemies conspired against him

In a perfect world, it would be wonderful to be loved by everyone.  But, alas, I too have enemies and they ganged up on me in 2001.  Like vultures circling in the sky above me, these fellow co-workers waited for their prey (me) to show them a sign of weakness so they could pounce on me and destroy me.  Then, with me out of the way, they would feast on the spoils of their conniving ways.

NFS 10.19c
To the left with lies they leaned.

Two fellow subordinate workers, at the place of employment where I was their supervisor, decided that I was unworthy of the position that I held there.  They conspired to see my demise and demotion from that job.  How do I know they conspired?  Because a very dear friend of mine overheard their dastardly deliberations.  As a widow, and with lots of work to do, this friend would often stay late into the evenings to “go the extra mile” to get things ready for the next day to go smoothly.  She would move from room to room of this facility to get various jobs accomplished.  Unknown to my enemies, and since these rooms were only divided by thin folding walls, she was privy to many of their “so called” secret discussions about me in the evenings while they plotted my destruction.  My friend kept copious notes of these two “Judas” associates as to what they were plotting.

NFS 10.19d
Elliott was so deeply saddened!!! 😦

The death knell for me, was when this mean-hearted twosome felt their time was right, they concocted a lie-filled story that was presented to an administrator where I was employed.  I was ordered to appear before a kangaroo court of INjustice.  Up to this point, and over the many decades, I had looked up to this administrator and thought him to be a fine and integral person.  But sadly, he also became my enemy that day as he fully swallowed all their falsehoods and even refused to show me the alleged damning evidence that was in his possession.   😦

NFS 10.19g
Elliott was sentenced 😦

Metaphorically speaking,  I was then lined up against the proverbial wall and “shot” with those lies.   The union that was supposed to have supported me in this battle was completely spineless and “kissed up” to the prevailing desires of the administrator judge and jury.  No matter how I tried to rise to my defense, the “loaded” jury came back GUILTY and I was demoted and removed from that place of employment and sent to a graveyard shift at another location.  My dear friend, I spoke of earlier, came forward with her documentation of the evil intent of those scumbags, but her efforts fell on dead ears and was not considered admissible within the hierarchy of the kangaroo court that only sought one thing……my degradation, demotion and punishment……along with resulting major depression.  Needing to be able to pay bills and feed my family, and feeling backed up against a rock and a hard place.  Since the union I belonged to had “sold me down the river”,  I had no choice, but to acquiesce to the sentence leveled against me.

NFS 10.19e
Elliott felt lower than a mud puddle 😦

Needless to say, I lost all respect for that administrator, the two evil cohorts of this crime against me, and contempt for the overall organization that was supposed to have governed the affairs of that entity with justice and equality.

One of the saddest chapters of life for this Norwegian Farmer’s Son.


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