Norwegian Farmer’s Son…October 20th



NFS 10.20a
Each tree is transformed into a giant flower.

POEM – “The Fragrant Felicity of Fall”  by N. Elliott Noorlun

One doesn’t fall into Fall, at all,

But transcends into gentle bliss,

For the good Lord above,

Doesn’t push or shove,

But instead, Gives each tree His kiss.

NFS 10.20g
Amazing Fall is in her colored array!

Each sapphire morn, As her new day was born,

Fall unfurled yet another surprise,

During dark, crisp of night, Her handsome young sprite,

Painted another Fall scene for my eyes.

NFS 10.20f
The whimsical “river” of swirling leaves.

“Jack Frost” was no thief, As he turned every leaf,

Into colors that none could compare,

For perfume he bestowed, To Fall’s beauty he owed,

As Sun chased him, He left cologne there.

NFS 10.20h
The Pied Piper of leaves.

No one dared rescind, The power of Wind,

As he commanded those millions of leaves,

Some still on the trees, Were ripped by his breeze,

In vortex and subject to heaves,

As Wind takes them miles, And lays them in piles,

To eventually settle for best,

Such are thoughts of Fall, Where we don’t fall, at all,

As God quiets His world for a rest.

NFS 10.20d



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