Norwegian Farmer’s Son…October 18th


Prologue:  My hardworking father, Russell, was usually consumed with the rigors of farming and seeing that his family had food on the table each day.  Yet, there was a very special day when work was set aside for some cherished time with me.  We took a fishing trip up the gravel road to the north of our farm to a body of water known as Rice Lake.  Today’s poem describes that special time with my dad.

#18=Elliott(with Dad, June '56)
Elliott and his father, Russell Noorlun

POEM – “You’d Be Amazed”  by N. Elliott Noorlun

NFS 10.18g
Old-fashioned fishin’ fun

You’d be amazed, How a bamboo pole,

And time away, That we gladly stole,

From farming’s chores, That steal away,

Those happy day’s hours, That are meant for play.

NFS 10.18c
Father n son fun!

But on this day, My dad took time,

To spend with me, Which was sublime.

For often, I had, Done some wishin’,

Now here, this day, We’d do some fishin’.

1956 Chevy Bel Air
The bamboo pole was too long to put inside the car.

“Get the pole, my boy, Too long for the car”, 

“This fishing toy, Is long by far!”, 

“You’ll need to grip, That bamboo spar”,

“Outside the window, Of our car!”.

Rice Lake, where Bullheads “fly” 😉

So down the dusty, Road we flew,

Watch out fish!!, Here comes we two.

Arriving at a lake, That folk called, Rice,

We found a spot, We thought was nice.

NFS 7.11d
“Come and bite me, if you can!”

Skewered worm, Upon the hook,

Plastic bobber, Where I’d look,

To see if mighty, Bullhead would,

Bite that fish hook, Like he should.

NFS 10.18l
A Bullhead bit the hook and swallowed that worm!!!

Sure enough, When time was right,

That big ol’ Bullhead, Made his bite.

My dad yelled, “YANK!, And set the hook!”,

NFS 10.18m
“Got one on!!!”

I did and caused, My pole to crook!,

That bamboo bent, Near 90 degree,

NFS 10.18f
“DUCK, it’s a fish!!” 😉

Now fish outta water, Flying right at me!,

I ducked, It flew, Right o’er my head,

And hit the ground, But it t’weren’t dead.

It flopped and flipped, All o’er the place,

Till Dad smacked fish, Right in fish face.

Such fun adventures, With Dad that day,

When we ran from work, For a day of play! 😉

NFS 10.18e
Unlike these two, Elliott, and his farmer father were wearing classic striped bib overalls.  But it’s the joy of the moment that is captured well here in this artist’s rendition of a fun fishing father and son time together.

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