Norwegian Farmer’s Son…October 9th


POEM – “The Fish Would Laugh!!!”   by N. Elliott Noorlun

NFS 10.9c
A fisherman Elliott was NOT!!! 😉

When it came to the sport of fishin’, My attempts were just a joke.

To water near, I’d drag my gear, And give wet surface poke.

NFS 10.9i

“Here fishy, fishy, fishy!!!”

I’d dig me some worms, With all of the squirms, And wiggles on display,

In hopes I’d tease, A fish, if you please, To jump on my line that day.

NFS 10.9j
Ready!  Set!! NO!!!…fish that is!!

I’d buy a license, If that was required, And checked my line and rod,

But when it came, To knowing my stuff, I really was a clod!

NFS 10.9g
Who’s doin’ the fishin’ here?

Oh I thought it fun, To be the son, Of a dad who went to the river.

Whether sun or rain, I’d not complain, Even if I had to shiver.

NFS 10.9e
Old timers havin’ fun!!

To watch the old timers, There on the banks, They truly had the knack.

They seemed to just snap their fingers, And fish would jump in their sack.

NFS 10.9k
Fish giggles!

But not this guy, Cause whenever I, Tried to give that fish a gaff,

They’d swim away, And I swore that day, That I thought I heard them laugh!!!

NFS 10.9l
Snagged dead salmon by the TAIL!

The Grand Finale, Of my fishing life, Was in 1974,

When I tried to catch a salmon, Along Columbia’s shore.

I should’ve had an inkling, As I arrived that day,

There t’weren’t a soul, Along the shore, As I plaintively looked each way.

The weather was rainy, Wet and cold, As I set my line and pole,

NFS 10.9h

So I took some shelter, In a shack, Upon the sandy knoll.

The bell on the pole, Just didn’t ring, From a fish that tried to bite,

So I began to reel, My line back in, To see if all was right.

Just then, I felt a tug on line,

NFS 10.9d
What a joke!

“Do I really have one on?”,

I felt a glimmer, Of sportsman hope, That my losing streak was gone.

Alas, I had a fish, alright, And I began to wail,

I’d snagged a big DEAD salmon, With a hook into his TAIL!!!

NFS 10.9m
Elliott, plus fishing pole……equals a comedy!

THAT ended my fishing days for good, Except for family outings,

Cause when I gaff, The fish just laugh, And cause me great big poutings!!!  😉

NFS 10.9b


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