Norwegian Farmer’s Son…October 8th


POEM – “She Called Her Sons And Daughters”  by N. Elliott Noorlun

NFS 10.8a
The church bells of Kiester, Minnesota each sang a song of their own on Sunday mornings.

From three miles ‘cross the farmlands,

Her church bells could be heard,

Calling her sons and daughters,

To worship in His Word.

Kiester EUB and German Lutheran
Elliott’s childhood church (Grace Evangelical United Brethren) and, across the street, the town’s German Lutheran Church.

The glint of morning sunshine,

Reflected off stalks of corn,

As the call for saints to gather,

Was new and never worn.

Kiester Norwegian Lutheran Church
Although this church was before Elliott’s time, there was even a Norwegian Lutheran Church in town.

And for those who came from Norway,

T’was even a church for them,

The sermon was in Norwegian,

From that land of ancient stem.

#911 Russ w 3 brothers(Ray, Doren, Erwin)
Elliott’s father, Russell (white shirt with suspenders), with three of his brothers after a long day at their Norwegian Lutheran church.

Our father attended a similar church,

In youthful days up north,

In days gone by, Young farmer guy,

Kinda questioned patience’s worth.

Kiester Our Savior's Lutheran
Our Savior’s Lutheran Church in Kiester, Minnesota.  The cousin of Elliott’s mother worshiped here with her family over the years.

Two sermons were preached from the pulpit,

To the pews where saints were sat,

First in English, Second in Norwegian,

No wonder Dad’s smile was flat.

NFS 10.8b
Hebrews 10:25

The key that touched my young boy’s life,

Was the family spirit owned,

As each family worshiped, According to,

The tenets that had been loaned,

From God above, Who knew His children,

Were different, And yet were one,

As each Sunday we were called to worship,

His one and only Son!!! 😉  ><>

NFS 10.8c


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