Norwegian Farmer’s Son…October 10th


POEM – “When The Sky Flew By”  by N. Elliott Noorlun

NFS 10.10e
Lenticular clouds form over Mount Rainier in Washington State.

The birds grew shy, As the sky flew by, And careened up over the mount.

What happened next, Seemed almost hexed, Forming scene of startling count.

For stacked on top, Of mountain’s dome, Were pancakes made of clouds.

A sight that grabbed my attention fast, Unlike its usual shrouds.

NFS 10.10f
Magic over the mountain.

A word from Latin, That means a “lens”, As I stood there upon the sod,

To me, They almost seemed to be, The looking lens of God.

NFS 10.10h
Hawaiian Water Spout.

The next impressive skyward scene, Happened off Hawaii’s Coast.

It captured awe and a bit of fear, And what really mattered most,

Was that I saw, Not one but TWO, Waterspouts twisting wild,

And if they’d come upon the shore, They’ likely scoop up this child.

NFS 10.10c
Gentler times gone by.

So even though, There oft can be, Some gentle times in the sky,

I’m always awake to catch the times, For this awestruck Norski guy!


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