Norwegian Farmer’s Son…February 6th


#24.1 May 1937 Clarice Sletten H.S. Graduation
To us, our beloved mother, Clarice Arlone Sletten Noorlun, was famous in every way!!  

In my rural lifestyle, surrounded by the bliss of 120 acres of rich, ebony farmland, the most famous person I ever met was my beloved mother, Clarice!

#354=Clarice N. at farm kitchen table; October 1961
We always had fun “sneaking up” on Mom with a camera when she’d be caught in these tasty situations.  😉

Each day, rather than giving me her autograph (like famous folk do), she’d give us God’s love via her constant care, cooking delicious meals, working beyond sun up to sun down on that farm,  giving us loving chastisement and, above all, seeing that we received a spiritual education from her and our local church.

NFS 2.6a
Mom often would help create fun times for us by having us trace patterns and then taught us to sew in the lines with many colors of thread.

Like an Academy Award winner, Mom was the famous person who taught us fairness, compassion, love for family, etc..  And, when it came to boredom, Mom came to our rescue in teaching us patience and skills by combining our favorite coloring book pages and sewing.  We’d put a sheet of carbon paper between our choice of coloring book page and some cloth.  Then we had to trace the picture with a soft lead pencil while the carbon ink transferred the image onto the cloth below.  Then, Mom would show us how to use different colored thread to “color in” our picture in little itty bitty stitches along the lines we had traced.

NFS 2.6b
In the evenings, like these children, we’d cuddle up against the warmth of our Mother as she’d read to us from a Children’s Bible Storybook or other books for little ones to enjoy.

Our famous mom was the one who took us on adventures in the evenings by opening books and reading to us before bedtime and then would help us say our prayers.

NFS 2.6c
Like this mother, our mom prayed for us and with us.  Sometimes, as we got older, she’d stand at the foot of the stairs, in our old farm home, and listen to our prayers before bedtime.

Usually, our evening prayer went something like this:  “Now I lay me, Down to sleep, I pray the Lord, My soul to keep, If I should die, Before I wake, I pray the Lord, My soul to take.  Amen”

#142=Clarice&Elliott at Heitzegs; circa March 1955
Baby Elliott is being held by his most “famous” person……..Mom!!!

The dear soul who introduces you to God………now THAT’S a famous person for this Norwegian Farmer’s Son.


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