Norwegian Farmer’s Son…February 7th


NFS 2.7f

Rather than expound upon the negative connotations of this subject in my past, I’ve decided to share a philosophical bend in a lighter vein via a poem.  For a little comical flavoring, add a heavy New Jersey (or better said, “New Joysee”) accent. 😉


POEM – “Whens Ya Tellin’ a Fib!” by N. Elliott Noorlun

Da problem starts, Whens ya tellin’ a fib,

Is dat ya gotta, Always adlib.

When swayin’ da story, Froms side ta side,

To makes ya look good, Or savin’s yer hide.

NFS 2.7b

Insteads of bein’, Such a dope,

When temptation hits ya, Ya just says NOPE!

Da troot is good, From Jan ta Decembah,

An da troot is always, Easeah ta remembah!

NFS 2.7c
This will always bring you honor…..being truthful and honest.

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