Norwegian Farmer’s Son…January 3rd


Viking helmet with UFFDA

Maybe it’s due to some of that ancient Norwegian Viking blood coursing through my veins, but I was a widdo bitty stinker even before I saw the first light of day in this life.  My precious mother shares how I wouldn’t even stay “in line” in her tummy during those nine months of gestation.  This ornery little cus was determined to ride transverse (sideways) within her and she would have to, on many occasions, have my prenatal body muscle massaged back into proper position by our old country doctor (Dr. Lewis Hanson).


I’m sure that for 1954, the only folks present at my birth would have been my mom, at center stage, and then ol’ Doc Hanson and some nurses.  My dad, like all fathers of that era, were kept farrr, farrr away in some sterile, bland waiting room to smoke away pack upon pack of cigarettes as they fretted over the thought of …..”Did I come with ten fingers and ten toes???”

In the Bible, the Book of Ecclesiastes Chapter 3 and Verse 2 it says, “There is a time to be born”……  I am SO thankful that I was born into the time of history that God chose for me!  Growing up in the 1950’s and beyond was an overall BLAST!!

1.14 Albert Schweitzer

As a member of the prestigious “January 14th Birthday Club”, I have a number of famous “birthday twins” that also came into this world on “my day”.  Pictured above is the world famous physician, Dr. Albert Schweitzer.  He was an amazing man of God, as well as a profoundly recognized organist.  He used his many talents around the world to the benefit of untold numbers of lives that he touched while enjoying his full life of 90 years.  Other “birthday twins” with me include Hal Roach who directed the “Little Rascals” films.  Faye Dunaway who is a talented actress.  The singer, Jack Jones also shares my special day.  And, one of my early childhood heroes, Guy Williams, is also a January 14th baby.  Mr. Williams was famous for playing the character of “Zorro” in the early Walt Disney television days.  Later, in the 1960’s, Guy Williams also portrayed the father figure in the sci-fi television adventure show called, “Lost In Space”.

#64=Elliott at 12 days old, Jan.'54

Yes, January 14th was a good day to be born for this Norwegian Farmer’s Son.


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