Norwegian Farmer’s Son…January 2nd

January 2nd…”WHERE WERE YOU BORN?”

Blue Earth map

Before a farmer’s plow ever sank its silver blade into the fertile soil of southern Minnesota, the Sioux Indian Nation roamed those expansive lands upon the backs of their war ponies.  It is, in my personal musings of history, a theory that when these first Americans watered their horses in the nearby river of this now bustling community, they must have gazed upon the soil strata on the river bank and perceived that the super rich soil actually had a blue cast in its color.  The Dakota Sioux named this river, “Mahkato Osa Watapa” (The River Where Blue Earth Is Gathered).  I will even surmise, in a poetical aspiration of sorts, that even the blue sapphire sky above these plains paid homage by bending down to kiss that part of the earth, thus rendering and transferring some if its heavenly color to the soil of Blue Earth, Minnesota…….the city where this Norwegian Farmer’s Son was born.

Blue Earth Hospital

My grand entrance into life began within the walls of Blue Earth Community Hospital.  Even though our family farm was about 25 miles to the southeast of here, this dear community of Blue Earth, Minnesota will always hold a special place in my heart as the starting place of this gift called LIFE!!!

Jolly Green Giant

One of the claims to fame of the town of my birth is that it is home to one of the “Jolly Green Giant Company” canning facilities.  Local farming is prolific with crops of sweet corn, peas and other abundance that fit perfectly to the needs of a nation that enjoys its vegetables.

I think you’d enjoy visiting “my birth town” via its website at  Such was the town of beginnings for this Norwegian Farmer’s Son.

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