Vol.2..Norwegian Farmer’s Son..June 17th


POEM – “Our Quilter’s Hands” created by N. Elliott Noorlun on the day of my mother’s death….. June 23rd, 2017. Through my flowing tears, on that sad day of Mom’s passing, I mused upon the beautiful fact that her very life was like the quilting that she had such a passion for during her tenure here on earth. So, I took the components of what goes into making a quilt and assigned them, symbolically, to illustrate Mom’s grand life among us.

Elliott’s mother, Clarice, enjoys quilting at her apartment.

Our quilter’s hands are silent now,

Life’s tapestry complete.

The embroidery of, Her 98 years,

Now lain at Jesus’ feet.

Elliott’s father, Russell, built this quilt frame.

Her quilting frame lays silent, too,

Just like her earthly frame.

No longer to hold, Its creator’s quilts,

That were “signed” with Clarice’s name.

Clarice displays one of countless baby quilts for her family and young, homeless mother’s that she made over the years.

Like a quilt, life happened, One stitch at a time,

Each color of thread just right.

And like a quilt, Mom made us warm,

As we’d bid each other “Good Night”!!

I’m sure that during, Her adventures of life,

A “stitch” maybe came undone.

But with the Lord’s power, She’d “stitch up life”,

And give her praise to God’s Son!!

It’s 1919, and Clarice sits on the lap of her beloved mother, Amanda.

The “frame” of her life, Began for Mom,

On a snowbound day in ’19.

The doctor came by horseback,

Across that blizzard scene.

Clarice (on left) and her cherished mother held a deep bond of love over their lifetime together.

The “batting” to make Mom’s life quilt warm,

Came from her mother so dear.

Amanda’s love, For little Clarice,

Was a weld that held them near!

Though times were hard, And sometimes sad,

Our mother rose above.

She strove for all, That’s fair and kind,

For within beat the heart of a dove.

The quilting “blocks” of Lowell (L), Elliott & Candice (center) and Rosemary (R).

Clarice’s life “quilt”, Grew “block by block”,

With her marriage to our dad.

And “blocks” of four children, Graced their life,

Two girls, a son and this lad.

That mother of ours, Had such a heart,

And for others she chose to live.

Therefore her quilts, Became a source,

Of love for her to give.

Family, friends, Young mothers in need,

Even homeless received her creation.

To know that a soul, Would sleep warm that night,

Gave our mother such sweet elation!!

The grass, on the right, is still trying to re-grow in after Clarice was laid to rest beside her beloved husband, Russell, in June of 2017. She was 98 years and 3 months old.

Though tears fill my eyes, Such joy fills my soul,

To have known and been loved by my mother!

Heaven knows this boy, Received immense joy,

Of her love that equaled no other! ><>


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