Vol.2..Norwegian Farmer’s Son..June 16th

June 17th………POEM – “LITTLE DID I REALIZE” Created by N. Elliott Noorlun. On June 23rd, we will observe the 4th anniversary of our mother’s HomeGoing to Heaven. Traditionally, every March, we would travel home to the Pacific Northwest to celebrate Mom’s birthday. In March of 2017, “Little Did I Realize” that that would be the last time I would receive a farewell kiss from my mother here on earth. This poem reflects upon my musing of that parting kiss.

Here, in March of 2017, Elliott would receive what was to be his last kiss from his mother, Clarice. She died later that year on June 23rd at the age of 98 years and three months.

Little did I realize,

That that kiss was our last kiss,

The close embrace, The gentle hug,

Those treasures I would miss!!

Elliott getting lots of momma kisses in September of 1954.

The tender tenor, Of your life,

Your empathetic voice,

Seeking that which is fair for all,

Every breath sought godly choice.

Elliott, and his dear mother, Clarice, celebrate what was to be her last birthday luncheon along the Columbia River in March of 2017. In June, she passed into Heaven and reunited with their father, Russell.

Little did I know, Your span on earth,

Would be o’er just weeks away.

And if I could, I truly would,

Have begged Him for a stay.

Clarice enjoyed her hummingbirds that came to this feeder at her Senior apartment in Battle Ground, Washington from 1989 to 2016.

So that I could, Just one more time,

See your Norwegian eyes,

As you’d enjoy “your” hummingbirds,

Or praise God for His skies.

Elliott trimmed, cleaned and oiled his parent’s headstone and gave them yellow roses. Clarice carried yellow roses on their wedding day in June of 1941.

Your “little boy”, Is lonely now,

As I dwell yet on this earth.

But gladly my heart, Will overflow,

In abundance, Not in dearth.

Little cutie Clarice is far left in this photo from the early 1920’s near her birthplace farm in Scarville, Iowa.

For I give God praise, For each glorious day,

We enjoyed your precious being.

Heaven’s reunion, Upon His Shore,

Is what I look forward to seeing!!! ><> 😉

Clarice is welcomed Home to Heaven by her Savior who loved her so much He died for her on the Cross of Calvary to give her Eternal Life. ><>


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