Vol.2..Norwegian Farmer’s Son..June 8th

June 8th……..POEM – “Watching Your Every Hour” Created by N. Elliott Noorlun on June 12th, 2014

Your father before you, Drove his team,

Of horses on your farm.

And as his child, You gleaned same joys,

Within his teaching arm.

The days passed by, Until you now,

Had your own handsome equine power,

And sons to look to you for wisdom,

Watching your every hour.

Yet, instead of teaching those horses,

Even though a noble task,

You taught us to honor, And speak the truth,

If ever someone should ask.

“If you tell me the truth, My handsome sons”,

“I’ll try to quell my fire,

“But if you dare to speak untruth to me”,

“I really hate a liar”!!!

So with these traits, We’ve lived our lives,

To honor you, sweet Dad,

And we praise our Lord, For blessing us,

With a dad who made us glad!


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