Vol.2..Norwegian Farmer’s Son..May 23rd

May 23rd………POEM – “Eternity’s Road” by N. Elliott Noorlun

As I stand here upon, Eternity’s road,

Viewing life’s travels of mine,

I ponder the joys, Of those times in my past,

And treasure those days, So sublime!

Elliott is next to his daddy, Russell. Grandfather Edwin Noorlun stands above them in about 1956 or 57.

Musing upon, My grandparent’s lives,

To see how they lived out their days.

And I’m pondering what, They must’ve endured,

Securing His best for their family’s ways.

A swing was the thing for tiny Elliott in about 1957.

And then there’s my own life, Upon this same road,

With my own successes and trials.

The joys of this sweet life, With all of its mirth,

As I’ve traveled this life’s many miles.

Elliott is now in the winter of his years. May 2020.

As I now approach, The winter of my life,

I face a new road and its bends.

With grandchildren growing, And showing us all,

That the glory of life never ends.

One of Elliott’s little grandsons being thrilled with God’s majestic Pacific Ocean along the Oregon Coast. 2017.

I only wish they, Could stand in my stead,

To view what my own eyes have seen.

To appreciate perspective, Of life’s varied seasons,

And to relish each past family scene.

Yet, I gather that someday, They too will take pause,

To look back to the past and ahead,

As they remember their days, And their grandfather’s ways,

For I’ll bet they also, Will find joy in life’s thread.


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