Vol.2..Norwegian Farmer’s Son..May 22nd


POEM – “Why Do We”? by N. Elliott Noorlun. Well, my children, family and friends, this grandpa has many “favorite” Bible verses. One of my favorites is from the New Testament in the Bible and is located in the Book of Philippians Chapter 4 and Verse 8. This verse speaks to all the GOOD things we should focus our life on each day. Yet, I observe, not only in my own life, but in the life of society around us, most folk tend to dwell on the negatives; whether that’s thinking bad of others or overdosing on the ugly media and their NEWS programs. This poem asks the question then, “Why Do We”?

Why do we share the ugly?

Why do we share the sad?

Why do we share bloody images,

Of pitied lass or lad?

We should not be surprised,

That in this world of woe,

Those horrid things are part of life,

Endured where e’er we go.

“Be ignorant of evil,

And wise unto the good”,

Let’s look to what inspires,

And live life as we should.

Don’t give credence to the bad,

Instead share what is best,

And give God praise, For all His good,

To grant your heart some rest!!!


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