Vol.2..Norwegian Farmer’s Son..March 17th


POEM – “Freaky Frog Fandango” by N. Elliott Noorlun

On a dark spring night, In the wet Northwest,

The frogs were on the move,

Just beneath the window of my bedroom,

Them frogs were “in the groove”!

In trying to rate, At pursuing a mate,

In croaks so loud and strong,

But I lay, wide awake, For heaven’s loud sake,

This unbearable scene is all wrong!

With my anger wrinkling, My doofus brain’s inkling,

Said, “Hey, I’ll just squash me a few”!

So I snuck out in the dark, On a frog killing lark,

And clobbered a dozen, “KerBLEW”!!!

I settled back into bed, To rest my head,

What I heard next near gave me a stroke.

All the dead frog’s near cousins, Started croakin’ their buzzin’s,

And it all made ME wanna croak!

Well, the wife and our kids, From their beds flipped their lids,

At the antics of silly old me.

Their giggles were heard, At my being absurd,

So I just had to smile and agree!!! 😉

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