Vol.2..Norwegian Farmer’s Son..March 16th


POEM – “Oh Dear, A Deer”! by N. Elliott Noorlun

On a Saturday morn, Just south of town,

And approaching Salmon Creek,

I was buzzin’ along, Whistling a song,

No trouble did I seek.

Elliott’s nerves AND the hood and fender of his 1971 Datsun 1200 were bent when that deer connected.

Just then, a deer, Flew out of the woods,

And right in front of my car!

I hit my brakes, But, goodness sakes,

I TRIED to miss her by far.

Good thing Elliott was driving a “dumb” car, instead of this Smart car!! Hehehe 😉

KerBAMM!!!, in her butt, Then her innards put,

Deer doo doo across my windshield.

Car had sent her flying, Her deer language was crying,

Way off in thick brush near a field.

The Deputy that assisted Elliott, that day, was so kind and caring in that sad situation.

Hood and fender were bent, And so were my nerves,

I drove home to call the police,

To come and assist, That poor creature in pain,

And from her suffering, release.

The officer put the deer out of her misery from a broken back.

With a merciful shot, Law man hit the spot,

That took that poor doe out of pain.

Then he thought he saw life, And out of this strife,

He thought maybe a fawn could be gained.

The officer had hoped he could maybe rescue a fawn inside the mother, but it was just a lot of grass in her tummy! 😦

His knife opened her up, And this here young pup,

About barfed when I saw all the gore,

With no baby inside, The officer just sighed,

Said, of grass she’d been eating more.

At least our local veterans could enjoy some venison with their meals.

But, all was not lost, From this saddening scene,

When sheriff got on his car radio.

He called the V.A., Who said, “We’re on the way”!!

To old veterans this deer meat would go.

So let’s hope that the luck, Of next deer doe or buck,

Is better next time that I drive.

They’re so handsome and spry, And this here soft-hearted guy,

Would much rather see them alive!!!


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