Vol.2..Norwegian Farmer’s Son..February 18th


POEM – “Our Queen Of The Scene” by N. Elliott Noorlun

Back in the days, Of the horse n buggy,

On roads that were often trod,

You’d let go of the reins, Cause the horse knew the way,

Back to home as he’d whinny and plod.

Rosemary (center) as Future Farmers Of America Chapter Sweetheart, Freshman year.

Now in High School our Sis, Never wanted to miss,

All the joys of school life in each way,

So our mom was chauffer, As events would occur,

And it prompted our mother to say.

Elliott on the “Rosie Events Limousine” 😉

“If only our car, That has driven so far”,

“Had the brains of a horse, Yessiree”,

“It could take our dear down, To our school there in town”,

“And bring her back home full of glee”!!

Rosemary is standing at left.

Whether Girls Athletics (G.A.A.), Or Library aesthetics,

Our Rosie joined most every club,

With a youthful thirst, And energy to burst,

She relished to be at the hub.

Rosemary is at far right.

And at every school game, She’d cheer for the name,

Of the “Bulldogs” and rouse every fan,

With cheers from the crowd, That crowed very loud,

As our team carried out winning plan.

A very busy young lady was Elliott’s big sister, Rosemary Arlone Noorlun.

When chill of fall came near, In her Senior year,

Our sister who’s beauty we’d seen,

Was voted in mass, By her “Bulldog” class,

To be crowned their Home-Coming Queen.

Whether leaping in cheer, Or drawing friends near,

Our lovely sister could always be seen,

Enjoying young life, With more joy than strife,

Our Rosie, The Queen Of The Scene! 😉

Rosemary (top row, 2nd from right) was even a trusty ticket taker on November 2nd, 1963 during this play.

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