Vol.2..Norwegian Farmer’s Son..February 17th


This is a true story, set to a poem, that I witnessed with my own little farmer boy eyes. The scary part was what MAY have happened to our driver, Mr. Mutschler. If that apple had actually hit him in the head, we all may have gone off the road and been killed. The funny part was how those teenage boys melted in terror as our enraged bus driver stormed to the back of the bus to “chew them out”! ;o)

POEM – “Tall As A House, Mr. Mouse” by N. Elliott Noorlun

Though tall as a house, His nickname was “Mouse”,

He was one muscular mountain of man.

And when we rode his bus, Whether kind kid or cus,

To behave was the wise choice of plan.

As a father of four, Daily Dale went out that door,

With a wave as he went to his work,

To drive our school bus, Keeping us safely thus,

To his duties he’d be true and not shirk.

Until came the day, When teenagers did play,

And flung a rocketed apple.

It splattered up front, On upright post blunt,

Causing dangers for Dale to grapple!

So close to his head, He may have been dead,

From organic grenade that exploded.

And what happened next, To our driver so vexed,

Was the opposite, by far, of implosion.

With bus safely parked, Dale arouse from his seat,

With a look that I’d ne’er seen before,

If looks could kill, Then his gaze fit the bill,

As those teenagers did melt to the floor.

With words of good choice, And his bellowing voice,

Leaning over those non-thinking boys,

Dale made it quite clear, That from here they should fear,

Flying fruit never makes for good toys!!

This photo is from the 1959-60 school year at Kiester, Minnesota. At the time of the apple incident, our bus driver was Mr. Mutschler who is at center with white baseball cap.

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