Vol.2..Norwegian Farmer’s Son..January 9th


POEM – “His Memories Were Truly No Picnic”  by N. Elliott Noorlun

2NFS 1.9h
Old Henry was at a church picnic, like this one, with Elliott.

There sat old Henry, In his webbed lawn chair,

While shady winds tousled, His silver gray hair,

And into the distance, Beyond us he’d stare,

To memories still fresh, In his heart of care.

It was our church picnic, With fun all around,

The fresh scents of food, And children’s fun sound,

When somehow the topic, Turned to soldiers on ground,

And the horrors of war, That Henry had found.

2NFS 1.9i
Henry Wiehl may have worn a similar German uniform, like this one, during the “Great War” between 1914 – 1918.

So young he was, During World War One,

A tall handsome German, Someone’s sweetest son,

For the Kaiser he fought, With his comrades were one,

Till they lost the war, And all came undone.

2NFS 1.9b
For Henry, the roads that led back to Germany were littered with the dead bodies of both soldiers and fine faithful horses.  He expressed deep sadness regarding the carnage he saw.

Henry spoke of the carnage, That that war did cause,

Seeing the blood of man, And animals he’d pause,

To reflect on the loss, Oh if only there were gauze,

To assuage the suffering, From war’s ghastly clause.

2NFS 1.9e
Defeated World War One soldiers begin the long journey back to Germany and what was left of their homes and land.  Henry Wiehl (pronounced “wheel”) was one of those weary lads.

Back home towards Germany, Defeated troops trod,

T’was nary a patch, Of untouched sod,

Just bombed out craters, Stiff bodies like a rod,

As demoralized soldiers, Their footsteps would plod.

2NFS 1.9l
A new chapter of life for Henry in America “The Beautiful”.

With World War One over, Henry made the fine choice,

To sail for America, And find his new voice,

New land, new work, And a time to rejoice,

And his marriage to Rose, Who was like a Rolls Royce!

2NFS 1.9m
Listen and honor the memories of a soldier.

So when you see, A soldier old,

Start up a visit, And be so bold,

For inside each one, Is a story to be told,

Of times in their life, Waiting to unfold.

Happy old man3


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