Norwegian Farmer’s Son…December 12th


POEM – “My Oh Me, A Metal Christmas Tree!”  by N. Elliott Noorlun

#63=Elliott crying with Mom and Brenda Smith, Jan. '54
Elliott gives a good scream for having missed Christmas 1953! 😉

My very first Christmas, Was a bit of a bore,

Having “popped out” in ’54.

I could maybe crawl, Like a swaddled log,

While others celebrated, “High on the hog”!!!

#127 Del's for Christmas. 1954.12.25
Elliott was a “swinger” in Christmas of 1955.

But then came Christmas ’55,

I’m awake and aware, And ready to jive.

I posed in my Cousin Marc’s new swing,

I really enjoyed this Christmas “thing”!!

#252=Lowell & Rosie, Uncle Del Sletten's home; Christmas 1954
Elliott’s big sister and brother enjoy wonderful Christmas moments while he sits in that swing to the right in this photo.

Big sister and brother, Smiled on each other,

As each present was sweetly revealed.

Just then I saw, Uncle Del’s “magic tree”,

And inside, I just could’ve squealed!!

NFS 12.12a
Tiny Elliott was in awe as the silver tree changed colors as the light wheel went round and round!!!

My, oh me, A metal Christmas tree,

Aluminum glory to behold!

And plugged in, beneath, Was a four-colored wheel,

That a light shown through, So bold.

NFS 12.12c
Tiny Elliott was lost in a bliss of bold colors!

Round the wheel turned, As bright light burned,

From red, to green, to blue.

And as gold came around, I uttered no sound,

Just lost in each grand Christmas hue.

#258.1=Singing Christmas songs, Uncle Del's; Christmas 1954
Little Elliott watched as his siblings and cousins sang of the real meaning of Christmas…..celebrating the birth of our Lord Jesus Christ!!! ><>  😉

Over the years, The Christmas tree cheers,

Came in styles, big and small, For the times.

But family together, In wintry weather,

Made Christmas the best of all climes.

NFS 12.12d
Elliott grew to love the real meaning of Christmas….the birth of our Savior!

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