Norwegian Farmer’s Son…November 15th


POEM – “Norwegian Queen Of Our Clan”  by N. Elliott Noorlun

#302=Ole T. Rogness family
Elliott’s maternal grandmother, Amanda, is far left in this family photo taken around 1910.  She was about 16 years old at the time.  Her father was Ole Tjerad Rogness.  Her mother was Josephine Helmika Bjelland Rogness.

Amanda, oh sweet Amanda,

Norwegian queen of our clan.

From my life’s first start, I could sense her heart,

And became her devoted fan.

From Vats, Norway, Her parents came,

To America’s teeming shore,

In search of all, Our land could give,

As young family grew more and more.

#874 Amanda and Clarence Sletten on their wedding day
Amanda is wed to Clarence Sletten on Christmas Eve of 1917.

Another page of life did turn, Come 1917,

When Amanda then, Became the bride,

Of Clarence, Young and lean.

Four children from this union came,

Upon that Iowa farm,

Each one imbued, With traits passed on,

From Amanda’s loving charm.

#728 Sletten family 1955 001
The Sletten children stand behind their parents during Christmas festivities in 1955.  Left to right….Beverly, Del (Delmaine), Bob (Robert) and Elliott’s beloved mother, Clarice.

Yet, life’s not always sunshine, Storm clouds arrived one day,

Amanda had Tuberculosis, And would have to live away,

NFS 11.15h
Amanda lived in quarantine for over 2 years till she healed from her TB.

From her precious children, Who loved her so,

And from her cozy country farm,

But, in those days, Those were the best ways,

To prevent her loved ones harm.

#875 Clarice's 12th birthday by Judine and Nina's place north of Emmons - Clarice, Bob, Del, Freeman Ordean, and Ralph
Elliott’s mother, on the left, in the early 1930’s at the time of trying to see her sick mother at the institution where Amanda was recuperating from her tuberculosis.

Such a stalwart heart, Amanda possessed,

Though mingled with many a tear,

Her precious darlings, Now so far away,

Were lonely and prone to fear.

NFS 11.15i
Amanda could only wave at her children from her quarantined room.

Our mother told of long car trips,

For to see her mother she’d crave,

Yet Amanda was kept at a distance,

From her window she only could wave.

NFS 11.15j
Amanda must’ve wept in her loneliness.

No doubt, As a mother, Her tears must’ve flowed,

For her children, So close, Yet so far.

But thanks to her faith, In our wonderful Lord,

She endured till her health shined at par.

#272=Clarice & G. Amanda at family reunion; June 27, 1954
Such a deep and precious love did abide between Elliott’s mother and her sweet mother, Amanda.

Clarice adored, Her precious mother,

Their kindred spirits entwined.

With praises galore, From love’s richest store,

Her deep respect for Amanda shined.

NFS 11.15k
Fresh air, every day, Kept that nasty TB away….was Amanda’s practice.

For the rest of her days, Our mother would share,

To prevent TB, And because she’d care,

Amanda would open, Each window and door,

To let the wind, Sweep out germs galore.

#386=G&G Sletten's 49.5 yr.Anniv. June 1967
Clarence and Amanda have an early 50th wedding anniversary cake in the summer of 1967.  Sadly, Elliott’s grandmother passed from this life before what would be their December 50th wedding anniversary celebration.

And even though cancer, Crept up on her life,

After faithfully being, A loving wife,

Our Amanda flew “Home”, 1967,

When our Norwegian queen, Did rejoice in Heaven.

NFS 11.15b
Elliott looks forward to being in his Grandma Amanda’s arms again one day in the wonderful reunion on Heaven’s shores. ><>

So for you, Who are young, I share this tale,

So that you’ll remember, And without fail,

Remember Amanda, And her virtues kind,

The best grandmother, I could ever find 😉

NFS 11.15a











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