Norwegian Farmer’s Son…October 29th


POEM – “My Friend With The Most”   by N. Elliott Noorlun

NFS 10.29g

What is it, With this time of year?

When most folk actually, CHOOSE to fear?

Rather than turn, To the Friend with the most,

Our Triune Third, His Holy Ghost.

NFS 10.29a

Another way, To say His name,

Is Holy Spirit, He’s just the same.

Given to, Each Christian with love,

From our caring Father, In Heaven above.

NFS 10.29b

As Christ was baptized, In Jordan’s brook,

The Spirit descended, In sweet Dove’s look,

NFS 10.29e

And each day hence, While on this sod,

Each believer in Christ, Has this gift from God.

NFS 10.29h

To guide us in, Each step we take,

To live for Him, And for God’s sake.

#577.1 EUB Church, Kiester, MN
Elliott’s boyhood church in Kiester, Minnesota

Now as for “house”, Where saints did meet,

T’was located on, A tree-shaded street,

There in my boyhood, Town of “gold”,

From birth until, 13 years old.

NFS 10.29f

And the only place, That I would “haunt”,

Is when I’d take, A happy jaunt,

To read God’s Word, And learn even more,

Of what God’s Spirit, Had in store,

For this young lad, Who need not fear,

Cause my “Friend With The Most”, Is always near!! ><>

NFS 10.29j


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