Norwegian Farmer’s Son…September 10th


NFS 9.10h
More of a comedy act, really! 😉

POEM – “We Boys Made Noise”  by N. Elliott Noorlun

We boys made noise, In the days gone by,

When every kid, At least would try.

To be “The King”,  And try to sing,

And pluck a tune, On that guitar thing.

NFS 9.10a
At least they had fun!

Even though six strings, Were made of junk,

We’d see ourselves, As the kings of hunk.

I’m sure we all thought, That we were cool,

To please the girls, And make them drool.

NFS 9.10e
Dream on, boys, dream on!

Good thing we stayed,  Inside garage,

As we attempted to make, A tune massage.

Larry n Steve, n Clyde n me,

Us 60’s kids, We shared some glee.

Our sound rattled the tools, And stirred up dust,

But moms n dads, They never cussed,

So we’d turn up the amplifiers for fun,

And watch those dogs n kitty cats run!

NFS 9.10f
A top ten hit song in Elliott’s pretend rock n roll band days.

A popular song, Back in our day,

We tried to emulate and play,

We must’ve played it, A million times,

In hopes that folks, Would throw us dimes,

Or maybe dollars, A recording deal?

To thoughts of stardom, Our minds would steal.

To this day, When I hear that song,

It’s back to those teenage, Days I long.

NFS 9.10g
Bible verse on the shop wall.

But you know what touched my heart the most?

T’was a Bible verse, Owned by our host.

It was on a plaque, In a father’s shop,

That caused my teenage, Eyes to pop.

No matter the music, Or what I do,

My loving Lord, Is watching, too.

It’s the music of, Our life He sees,

So it is my aim, for Him to please.

NFS 9.10c
Elliott’s rock band could’ve been called “The Quivering Quibble Quackers”!!! 😉

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