Norwegian Farmer’s Son…September 9th


NFS 9.9c
Elliott’s classmate, Steven Rebelein, was one of those stars.

Gaze into an ebony sky on a clear night to marvel as the stars are winking at you from a zillion miles into the universe beyond.  Their light, emanating from its original source, is a constant beam.  Yet, when that beam reaches earth’s atmosphere, fluctuation in that gaseous mixture around the earth causes turbulence that refracts the light in one direction and then another, thus we get the “twinkle” effect.

#1060 KHS 1967 Steve R. 001
Elliott’s much respected classmate, Steven Rebelein, was even chosen to be President of the 7th Grade Class of Kiester High School in 1966-67.

A friend of my youth was, in my humble opinion, just like one of those constant rays of starlight.  His name is Steven Rebelein.  Throughout my young years of observing daily life with him, it seemed no matter what fluctuations in life tried to detract him (like the twinkle of that star I mentioned earlier), Steven remained steadfast in his quest to be the best.  Whether it was one of our Grade School teachers preparing us for a test, or whatever the element that compelled the moment; Steven’s “engine” was always poised to “put the petal to the metal” and speed into his paperwork with that pencil flying.  Even as a Grade Schooler, I was impressed with this fine young boy who would soon grow into a fine young man.

NFS 9.9a
Steven’s Senior Year of 1972 at Kiester High School in Kiester, Minnesota.

Even though my family left Minnesota in 1967, I was blessed by the Evert & Oda Meyer family who saw to it that I received “The Rambler” yearbooks of 1967 and 1972 from my old school there in Kiester, Minnesota.  Via that printed media, I found it to be grand to see all my former classmates, including Steven, as they each shined throughout the remainder of their high school years.

I’ve always held the conviction that NOW…..TODAY… the time to share how we care about loved ones and friends!!!  Once they enter eternity, it’s too late to let them know how they impacted our lives in a positive way.  Therefore, that is why I’ve enjoyed sharing these happy memories about this Grade School and High School pal.  Oh sure, it’s a given that I wasn’t there for, what would’ve been, our daily High School years together, but I wanted my children and grandchildren to know that ALL of us sparkle and shine in our own universe called LIFE, just like Steven has done in his orbit of life there in Minnesota.

NFS 9.9b
Thanks, Steven, for shining so brightly!

This is my way of honoring a kind friend from the golden young days of this Norwegian Farmer’s Son.

NFS 9.9d



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