Norwegian Farmer’s Son…August 22nd


#123=Elliott with Dad on swing at Pihl's Park, circa 1956
Elliott at his “hug a teddy bear” stage of life.

POEM – “Tender Teddy Twins”  by N. Elliott Noorlun

NFS 8.22b
This tiny teddy is very similar to the one Elliott still has safely in storage.

When this boy was little, As a bug in a rug,

I caught me a “bear”, And gave him a hug.

NFS 8.22f
Squeezes of love!

“Tiny Teddy”, Was my delight,

And he gave me joy, Through every night.

Each day I’d drag him, As I’d play,

I’d toss him and catch him, In my little boy way.

He was with me, Every place I’d go,

I felt so tall, Cause he was small, ya know?

NFS 8.22g
Teddy to the rescue!

When nights were dark,  After lights were out,

I didn’t wanna cry, Or give a shout.

I’d squeeze “Tiny Teddy”, Till his eyes nearly blew,

And if he could’ve breathed, He woulda fainted, too! 😉

NFS 8.22h
Where Elliott went, Tiny Teddy did, too!

But there t’weren’t no softer, Friend than mine,

“Tiny Teddy” and I, Got along just fine.

So strong was our bond, As we played in the gravel,

That “Tiny Teddy”, He started to unravel.

His stitches came loose, An eye fell out,

Two Hands Stitching Button To A Teddy Bear Toy, Elementary School Art Class Vector Illustration
Momma’s healing touch!

And there I’d go, To Momma and shout,

“Hey Mom, can you fix, My teddy bear friend?”

And like all moms, There was no end,

To the magic she could do, With a needle and thread,

And soon, “Tiny Teddy”, Was back in my bed.

#906 Aunt Lillian Noorlun Greenspun
Elliott’s Aunt “Beth” (a model in New York) brought him “Pouty Teddy”.

Just when “Tiny Teddy”, Was ’bout loved to death,

Along came an auntie, Who some called, “Beth”.

Her husband worked, In a business making toys,

And even made teddy bears, For girls and boys.

When they made a trip, From the city to our farm,

I was always taken, By her beauty and charm.

NFS 8.22a
Elliott still has his “Pouty Teddy” in safe storage.

On one happy visit, They brought “Pouty Teddy”,

Since my old pal was worn out, For this toy I was ready.

We all thought it magic, How our dear Uncle Gene,

Could actually get paid, For making toys so keen.

Even though they never had, Any children of their own,

They made memories for us, That have stayed until we’ve grown.

NFS 8.22j
Old Elliott dances “The Teddy Bear Jig”

And even though this grandpa now, Is old with belly big,

I still have both my teddies, That makes me dance a jig!

They’re tucked away, Into a box, With padding all around,

And protected there, From age’s harm, In a spot where there’s no sound.

NFS 8.22k
Playtime again?

But if my very old teddies, Could come back out to play,

I think they’d enjoy grand-kid’s sounds, If they had anything to say.

They played a part, In my tiny life, Back in chapters sweet and warm,

In days of helping me to play, Full of joy there on our farm.

#79=Elliott & Rosemary on bike near blue '49 Ford
Big sister Rosemary, and his teddy bears, made playtime on the farm that much funner!!! 😉








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