Norwegian Farmer’s Son…August 21st


POEM – “Our Poor Pounded Papa!”  by N. Elliott Noorlun

Percheron (draft horse) looking at a dog against white background
Elliott’s father, Russell, grew up around and loved the “gentle giant” draft horses on his family farm in northern Minnesota.

Our father loved his horses, There is no doubting that.

He grew up in their shadows, While wearing farmer’s hat.

Even the giant draft horse, Never gave him any dread,

He’d climb up on their back for nap, And rest his little head.

Dad spoke of how that giant mare, Would walk around to graze,

With farmer boy asleep secure, On a summer’s lazy haze.

NFS 8.21e
Elliott’s father, Russell, offered to help at this horse show.

Then a horse show came into our town, In July of ’59.

They asked if Dad could help them out, And dear Dad said, “That’s fine!”,

So Father was assigned Gate Keeper, Of that large arena fair,

As beautiful horses, Of every kind, Would strut their stuff in there.

NFS 8.21a
Too much beer!! 😦

But then there came a rider, Who’d drank way too much beer.

He was swaying drunk, Upon his steed, And acting very queer.

Dad’s back was turned, To open the gate, And without so much as a sound,

The drunk made his horse, Run over our Dad, Hooves hammered him to the ground!

NFS 8.21c
In 1959, many ambulances looked like this one.

Knocked out cold, Our dad lay there, An ambulance was called.

How could the drunk, Have DONE such a thing?, The audience was appalled!!

NFS 1.2b
The hospital where the ambulance took Elliott’s father.  This is also the location of Elliott’s birth.

Sister Rosie ran and got me, I was playing with friends nearby,

“Dad’s been hurt!”, “Come on let’s go!”,  A tear was in her eye.

The ambulance flew, Down country roads, Till hospital came in view,

I prayed that God, And doctors there, Could make our dad like new.

NFS 8.21f
Children, like Elliott, were not allowed inside hospitals in 1959 when his father was injured.

Back in those days, Kids weren’t allowed, To visit a hospital room.

Sadly, I sat outside in the car, And feared of doom n gloom.

The next time that, We came to see, How healing for Dad would go,

He waved to us from his window, Down to our car below.

NFS 8.21g
Russell forgave the man who had run him down with his horse.

I’m told that the drunk, Who ran Dad down, Upon his horse that day,

Came to our home, To say, “I’m sorry!”, For acting in terrible way.

Our father gave forgiveness, And also shook his hand,

Now that’s the way, We all should love, And to me, that’s mighty grand!!!

#1051 Russ at Mutschler farm.
Our happy, handsome horseman……Russell Conrad Noorlun at the Mutschler farm.   His love affair for horses followed him throughout his life.

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