Norwegian Farmer’s Son…August 19th


#894 Edwin Noorlun & friend. Circa 1914
Elliott’s paternal grandfather (standing), Edwin A. Noorlun.  He was about 25 years old in 1913.

POEM – “Good Morning, Dear Grandfather”  by N. Elliott Noorlun

Good Morning, dear Grandfather, Your memory still shines bright,

As I arise upon each dawn, And gaze upon the sight,

Of the glorious Silver Dollar, You once had gifted me,

Ten years older than your birth, My eyes can plainly see,

#902 Russell Noorlun and family. Early 1930's
Quiet Grandpa Edwin (on left) with his young family (and friends) in the early 1930’s.

The day you stood with me inside, Farm kitchen by the stove,

And reached into your bib overalls, That fabric treasure trove.

A sparkling Silver Dollar, With features crisp and fine,

I just about squealed out with joy,  For your treasure now was mine.

#901 Russ Noorlun n siblings w G. Edwin. 1945 Clearwater, MN
Grandpa Ed (on left) welcomes home two sons from World War II in 1945.

“That coin was 10 years old, When first I started life.”

“It now will dwell, In your young hands, Through happiness or strife.”

#969...1948 Haying Lake Mills Iowa Ed on haystack Erv and Doren
Grandfather Edwin (on top of hay load) always farmed with horses.  Here, he’s putting hay into his barn in 1948.  Uncles Erwin and Doren assisting (on the right).

I knew that he was quiet, A man who chose each word,

And yet, when well inspired, In kitchen I often heard,

Both he and our dad, Would chat on end, As stories would unfurl,

While pipe or cigarette smoke, Arose in happy curl.

#893 Gr. Ed Noorlun at home in Lake Mills, IA
Elliott’s beloved Grandfather Noorlun resting at their home in Lake Mills, Iowa.

So many things, Grandfather, I would’ve liked to’ve known,

From life’s adventures you had lived, To the crops that you had sown.

I know that the State of Iowa, Was where you had your birth,

And that you had a love affair, With farming God’s good earth.

I’ve heard the worst that you would say, Was Norski phrase “fey faen (dirty devil)!”,

But other than that, You’d hold your tongue, At what you looked upon.

#895 Edwin & Marie Noorlun. Early 1960's. Lake Mills, Iowa
Elliott’s grandfather in his fading last years of the early 1960’s.

You may not have known, How you touched my life,  As also your good son, Russ,

It’s then I decided, I’d tell of MY life, So our “future” could know of me thus,

NFS 8.19f
The cemetery, in Iowa State, where Elliott’s Grandpa Ed is buried.

So that tiny “Ronan” and others, Who yet have experienced birth,

Can come to these stories, And get to know, Grandpa Elliott’s time on earth.

So Good Morning, Dear Grandfather, As you rest ‘neath farmer’s sod,

I promise to honor your story, And mine as this life I trod.  ><> 🙂

NFS 8.19g








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