Norwegian Farmer’s Son…August 18th


NFS 8.18b
A traveling roller rink tent (much like this one) would set up each summer in Elliott’s hometown of Kiester, Minnesota.

My initiation into this rousing, rolling recreation came in the form of a traveling roller rink tent that visited our village of Kiester, Minnesota.  Visits to our town by this fabric phenomena were common in the late 1950’s and into the early 1960’s.  Townsfolk have shared that the roller rink was often set up in the town park, but my recollection was when I saw it set up in the parking lot next to the Kee Lanes Bowling Alley.  That colossal, cone-topped cornucopia of fun was like a magnet and it was as if a circus had come to town.  Only, in this case, this was to be a circus where WE were the performers as we’d lace up some roller skates and ply that oblong “stage” round n round n round.

NFS 8.18a
Roller skates for all!

With the enticement of the roller rink being in town, there was a bit more energy in getting the milking of our cows, and other chores, done for the evening.  We took advantage of the lingering late afternoon summer sun as we cleaned up from chores and happily loaded ourselves into our family car for the three mile ride into town.   Having arrived at the rink, and in the golden light of late afternoon, our elder brother and sister saw to it that we little ones were fitted for kid-sized roller skates.  The sultry humidity of the Minnesota evenings necessitated that the roller rink’s side tent curtains be rolled up to allow the cooling prairie winds to course through the rink as it refreshed the many skaters that now cruised that impressive wooden, oblong floor.

NFS 8.18i
Elliott needed a pillow, too

What a hilarious sight it must’ve been, with wheeled skates on my feet, as I hugged the sidelines of that oblong rink floor with these rolling contraptions that seemed to go everywhere I DIDN’T want my feet to go!!

NFS 8.18o
Some folks made roller skating look so easy as they went round and round the rink.

Of course, I envied anyone who seemed to have this feat of balancing on wheels mastered.  I should’ve had a pillow tied to my butt, because I spent more time bouncing on my back cheeks than I did rolling upright on my skates.

NFS 8.18p
By Elvis Presley

As I hung onto the tent’s side rails for support, I thrilled to watch my two elder siblings, and others, as they’d race around that oblong “stage” while they’d shimmy and pulsate their arms in a form of dance while listening to the rock n roll tunes of that era like “Duke Of Earl”, “Runaway” and “It’s Now Or Never” by the “king” known as Elvis Presley.


For me though, as a simple farm boy, my young body was used to good ol’ terra firma beneath my feet, so this novice was intensely focusing on not crashing from being a human on wheels.

NFS 8.18g
These electronically lit up reader boards gave skaters different ways to have fun.

I was starting to get the knack of this new wheeled fun experience when I noticed a large electronically lit reader board on the main mast poles of the skating rink.   To put some variety into each evening’s skating experience, the rink owners would tell the crowd what new skating was going to take place next by lighting up one of the many signs on the board.  For instance, maybe the sign REVERSE would light up.  Then, if you could do it, all skaters had to skate backwards, etc. etc..


NFS 8.18r
“Theme from A Summer Place”

Now even though I was only knee high to a burp, regarding love and life, I still enjoyed the times when the electric skating rink reader board would light up the sign that said “COUPLES” skate.  The tent lights would be dimmed and a spot light shot its laser beam to hit the rotating mirror ball that hung from a high point in the rink’s rigging.

NFS 8.18l
It was a dazzling effect!

Hundreds and hundreds of tiny mirror panels on that ball ricocheted magic onto the tent walls as a love ballad (like Theme From A Summer Place) would play out over the sounds system.  Diamond flecks of light, from that mirror ball, turned everyone and everything into moving jewels for that special skating moment.  One of the big romantic hits of that day was the ballad called “Johnny Angel” by Shelley Fabares.  Young lovers, that evening, melded together on those roller skates as they were transported by these lilting songs and for a few moments were caught up in their own dreamworld of love.  It was a sweet moment, as I recall it.

NFS 8.18k
One of the Sabin boys came rolling into town on a handsome scooter like this one.

Not only did the young folk of our town enjoy roller skating, but, it turns out, the roller rink was a magnet that drew most of our town’s teenage culture out to show off their latest cars and motorcycles.  Spinner hubcaps, foam dice hanging from rear view mirrors and sparkling paint jobs made the parking lot next to the Kee Lanes Bowling Alley the place to be to enjoy cordial conversations as the now night winds carried the sounds of laughter, music and roller skates into the heart of this Norwegian Farmer’s Son.

NFS 8.18c




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