Norwegian Farmer’s Son…August 7th


#142=Clarice&Elliott at Heitzegs; circa March 1955
Tiny Elliott, being loved on by his mother Clarice, lost his balance and face-slid along the backing of the couch at the neighboring farm of Charlie and Mabel Heitzeg near Kiester, Minnesota.

POEM – “God Bless Our Doctor Mom!” by N. Elliott Noorlun

God bless our Doctor Mom, For always being there,

To aid our may owees, From our toes up to our hair.

NFS 8.7d
Always tender and lovingly applied with care.

From trips and falls, Upon our knees,  To bruises on our bum,

To injuries that happened, That we didn’t know what from.

Sometimes she’d kiss and blow, Our owee pain away,

Then shoo us from her presence, To go back out to play.

NFS 8.7a
Yikes! It’s BLOOD!!!

But sometimes blood was ooozing, We’d run to her in fright,

Then out would come the Band-aids, To hide the OUCH from sight.

NFS 8.7c
All better now!

Tis amazing how a Band-aid, Applied with gentle love,

Can brush away the tears that flowed, Like kiss from little dove.

NFS 8.7h
The magic pill.

Of course, there were occasions, When the pain was placed within,

So out would come the bottle, Of ol’ Bayer Aspirin.

“Now drink this down”, “And give it time”,  Our Doctor Mom would say,

“And soon your headache’ll POOF be gone”, “You’ll be ready for more fun play!”,

NFS 8.7b
Elliott had his feet skewered with nails, blood poisoning and broken bones.  He sure kept Doctor Mom busy 😉

She had no college medical degree, But we trusted her completely,

As she approached our every need, Administering love so sweetly.

There were, on two occasions, When barefoot I did run,

Nails poked inside my little boy feet, Such an ouch that weren’t no fun.

Blood poisoning, Was what I had, And poultice was applied,

To draw out all the poisons, Or else I may have died.

#526=Elliott's broken hand; Feb. 1974
Elliott suffered broken bones in his hand around 1974.

Throughout her life, She’s been a wife, And yet, she’s been much more,

When life got terse, She became our nurse, With a mother’s love galore!!!!

NFS 8.7f
A mother’s kiss, is healing bliss

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