Norwegian Farmer’s Son…August 6th


POEM – “Bored On The Board” by N. Elliott Noorlun

NFS 8.6g
Elliott was not interested, at all, in board games.

When it comes to board games, You can count me out,  I tend to get bored on the board.

There’s not a competitive bone in my “bod”,   And I couldn’t care less who scored.

Cartoon illustration of a boy running with a football.
Silly old ball.

I guess I take after, My dear old Dad,  Who saw all games as a waste.

“For grown men to chase, A silly old ball”,  Was his usual stinging lambaste. 😉

NFS 8.6c
Elliott enjoyed reading a book much more than playing a game.

When games were brought forth, I usually went out, To find something else to do.

Strategy wasn’t my thing, And it held no zing,  As it did for the rest of the crew.

I’d pick up a book, And find a good nook, To get lost in the tales of a story.

I’d read of adventures, Way back before dentures,  With all of their riches and glory.

NFS 8.6d
An old movie for Elliott.

While the rest of the clan were arguing,  Over who got the highest point,

I’d plug in a movie, From Silver Screen days, And have the best fun in the joint.

And if push came to shove, I would go outside,  To gaze at the flowers by hours.

Rather than listen to the gamers a hissin’,  And hear how their gaming went sours.

NFS 8.6f
Elliott enjoyed playing USA Trivia or Bible Trivia games.

A few table top, Exceptions there were,  To get this dad to play game.

To relay information, ‘Bout Bible or Nation,  Was a target at which I could aim.

Those games I did win, Most handily,  I was sponge when it came to a fact.

If it has to be heard, I’m just a fact nerd,  In the way that I sleep, play and act.  😉

NFS 8.6b







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