Norwegian Farmer’s Son…July 26th


#106.1=Elliott, Dad, Aunt Bev & Brenda at Phil's Park
A couple of whistlers…Elliott and his daddy, Russell 😉

POEM – “Playful Pucker Power Person” by N. Elliott Noorlun

Our farmer father, Could warble like a bird,

The sweetest lip music, You’ve ever heard.

He could whistle more songs, Than this lil’ nerd,

His talents, I thought, Made the birds absurd.

NFS 7.26c
Elliott practiced puckering.

Month in, month out, I’d watch him pucker,

Emulation of Dad, Was a goal for this sucker.

I noticed his tongue, Inside his mouth,

Would move up and down, Like north and south.

And if he closed, His mouth a little,

It would sharpen sound higher, Just like knife to whittle.

NFS 7.26d
Mouth notes began to flow.

Over time, I could really give a show,

As I’d wet my lips, To pucker n blow.

First some of my tunes, I learned at school,

And then I learned, What was really cool.

NFS 7.26g
Better cover yer ears, here comes a LOUD one!!!

I could whistle so loud, T’wood pierce yer ear,

Especially if, You stood too near.

NFS 7.26f
Elliott’s teacher friends at Glenwood Hts. Elementary School had a good laugh that day!!!

Until one day, Down at my work,

When I made a room, Of co-workers jerk,

With laughter as they, Reacted to,

A song that I whistled, That they all knew.

I said, “Ain’t ya’ll heard a whistle before?”,

As I entered through, Their lunch room door.

“Sure enough”, said they, “But the name of your tune”,

“Was what made us howl, And almost swoon!”

NFS 7.26e
Elliott’s protests still met with laughter! 😉

Without a thought, I was whistling a strain,

Of “If I Only, Had A Brain!”

Retorting, I said, “Oh you guys!!” and roared,

Along with my buddies, Whose spirits now soared.

No matter how, I tried to stress,

Other points of that song, I had to confess,

That the title was true, humble pie I did gain,

For whistling “If I Only Had A Brain”!!! 😉

NFS 7.26h






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