Norwegian Farmer’s Son…June 30th


NFS 6.30a
Jesus is the Master Artist!! ><>

I stepped into a frame of time and place and could only stand in awe at the wonderment of watching this Artist Craftsman in progress as He created the essence of the ultimate beauty on His “canvas”.  I was held spellbound in His presence by the captivating manner of His omniscient brush strokes and colored hues in this properly proportioned project of  loveliness and serenity.  As each part of the artwork was tenderly put into place, being imbued and enhanced by love, I couldn’t help but be breathless in anticipation of seeing the final canvas of art revealed.

isolated human hand holding brush painting vector
Each stroke was pure genius!



Master at what He does best, He knew that to truly compliment this work of perfection, He would need to select and draw colors from two wide spectra of work and then harmonize them into this opus of magnificence.  Patience was a necessity while He built one facet of this bejeweled work upon the next.  They were to be like jewelry that is both made of gold and yet caressed with inlaid gems, as well.

#726 Nathan, Daddy &amp; Christa 1984 001
Our first two “works of art”….Nathan and Christa!!

Finally, at the apex of perfection, this very beautiful work of art was brought forth in five wonderful revealings.  The title to this masterpiece of art?  “BIRTH!”  That glorious artwork of God in the births of our five glorious children…….our “jewels”, our “diamonds” of delight in the form of the lives of our Nathan, Christa, Rachel, Johanna and Rose Noorlun!!!  Each of their creations, each maturing, each bringing forth, and each life developing has been truly God’s work of art and something I have always been in awe of and thought was very beautiful to behold for this Norwegian Farmer’s Son.  😉  ><>

NFS 6.30c
Four works of art surround Daddy Elliott.  L to R….Rose, Christa, Johanna and Rachel (who enjoyed wearing the same kind of Greek Fisherman’s cap that daddy does!)  😉





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