Norwegian Farmer’s Son…June 29th


POEM – “I Knew Wood Should”   by N. Elliott Noorlun

NFS 6.29c
Wood became Elliott’s enemy each night at the Celatchie Prairie Lumber & Plywood Mill.

I knew wood should, not be my foe,

As I came to the Mill each day.

But if wood could, wear evil hood,

I think I’d hear it say,

NFS 6.29b
Elliott’s job was to stack piles of cut lumber.

“I’ll make the Mill, pull levers at will,

And send piles down “green chain” way.

We’ll pile wood so deep, that those sad boys will keep,

Crying in horrid dismay!!”

For you see, my work, which I did not shirk, Was to sort and pile each plank,

But the tons they’d send, seemed to have no end,  And so my young heart just sank!

Oregon Lumber
Elliott stacked everything from long 2″x 4″ lumber all the way up to 2″ x 12″ and even larger sizes of heavy “green”, newly cut lumber.

I got blisters and bruise, from each muscle I’d use, My young lean body would smart!

As each morning would rise, with more pain in my eyes, I really began to lose heart.

NFS 6.29e

For the Mill crews were clever, with button and lever,

Produced too much wood for us boys,

To track and to stack, As our foreheads we’d smack,

While those bozos played big with their toys.

NFS 6.29g
That Mill was freezing!!!!

When the winter winds blew, and came flying through,

That Mill it would chill to the bone.

So with lumber in lap, This forlorn young chap,

Carried on in this laboring zone.

NFS 6.29h
Elliott’s department prayed for the giant Mill to break down so they could get a rest.

Just once in a while, we’d all crack a smile,

When the Mill up above would break down,

We’d yip and holler, as some swigs we’d swaller,

And tease around like a clown.

But sure enough, just like sneezing from snuff,

They’d make their repairs up above,

Then t’was back to the dreary, Our bodies all weary,

We’d give new loads of wood a shove.

NFS 6.29i
A new job came to Elliott’s rescue!!!

But then came the day, when I said, “HOOORAYYY!”

For a new job came into my view.

Bid the Mill goodbye, it’s time to try,

A job I knew I could do.

Thirty years went by, And I tell ya, this guy,

Was thrilled by each parent and kid.

For this janitor smiles, and sang o’er the miles,

This job’s joys made me flip my lid!!! 😉

NFS 6.29j







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