Norwegian Farmer’s Son…June 26th


POEM – “Ping Pong POW!!!”  by N. Elliott Noorlun

NFS 6.26e
Elliott’s Physical Education teacher, Mr. Robert Lynn.

Back in the days of P.E. class, Where each of us boys reports,

Ol’ Mr. Lynn, before he’d begin, Had us dress in our P.E. shorts.

NFS 6.26c
Fun times!

Upstairs to the gym, back when we were slim, It was time for our ping-pong teaching,

Yet we didn’t suspect, or even detect, What pain would soon be reaching.

NFS 6.26d
YEEOUCH, that hurt!!!

That Terry T., was a jerk, you see, With an evil twist of prank,

He’d sneak up behind, our butt cheeks to find,

And with paddle would give them a SPANK!!

NFS 6.26f
Elliott and Terry tussled!

As we filed downstairs, I grabbed him by hairs, And threatened he spank me no more,

And true to his form, he started to swarm, And we tangled for I was quite sore!!!

With one hefty shove, I changed from a dove, And sent that doofus a flying.

He landed in hamper, and away he did scamper, I even thought I heard crying.

NFS 6.26b
Terry T. had learned his lesson.  Now we could play ping-pong in peace.

Needless to say, from onward that day,  Butt cheeks were no longer molested,

For Terry T. knew, the reason I “blew”, Not wanting my anger be tested. 😉

NFS 6.26g
The Boys Showers/Locker Room, in these bottom windows of Battle Ground’s East High building, was where the Ping-Pong POW fight took place between Elliott and Terry T..

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