Norwegian Farmer’s Son…March 15th


POEM – “The College Of Stinky U” by N. Elliott Noorlun

NFS 3.15a
Elliott, while attending “Stinky U”

I’m sure you’ve heard of Harvard, Maybe Clemson and Purdue,

USC is another, you see, But I attended “Stinky U”.

For during all my schooling years, I wandered without aim,

The fault is mine, I shouldn’t whine, I fully bear the blame.

NFS 3.15e
Elliott’s beloved Concert Choir teacher thought Elliott would make a good music teacher.

I should have followed counsel, Of our beloved Mr. Peru,

Who said, “You really should consider, Central Washington U.”

“Dr. Hertz is there and none compare, An awesome man of song”,

To be a choir teacher, That’s the school where you belong.”

But, whether fear or lack of dollars, I never made that choice,

And so there’d be no diploma, To teach the joy of voice.

So little ones, this grandpa asks, To seek your joy while young,

Then choose a goal, while little foal, And prepare your song to be sung.

NFS 3.15d
Who knows, Elliott may have been a Music Teacher somewhere.

And whether you make music, Or paint or build a car,

Set your goal out there, As the studies you bear,

And rejoice, for you’ll go far!! 😉




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