Norwegian Farmer’s Son…September 19th


POEM – “The Fight In White Went Outta Sight” by N. Elliott Noorlun

NFS 9.19a
Elliott (on left) and his co-fighter, Randy Simonson.

The fight in white went clear outta sight, That chilly Winter’s day,

It happened during a big snowstorm, As they let us out to play.

Now to this day, I’m not so sure, What ignited us little runts,

But oh my goodness, “the fur did fly”,  As you heard our puffs n grunts.

NFS 9.19b
Whatever was the “trigger”, our fight was off with a BANG!

Snowdrifts were high, As this little guy, Connected with classmate,

We two usually got along, Was it something that we ate?

Do you suppose, It was a girl, That got us two to tussle?

Though zero below, We said, “LET’S GO!”, And our fight began to hussle.

I’m a thinkin’ that a snowball, Landed with KERSPLAT,

And may have hurt this little squirt, As it shot off my warm hat.

But then again, Giant hills of snow, Gave us guys a thrill,

We’d push n shove, From up above, As we played “King Of The Hill”.

It could be that I pushed too hard, To launch him offa that peak,

And Randy sought, To right a wrong,  So vengeance he did seek.

NFS 9.19e
Huffin’ n puffin’, we knocked out our stuffin’!!!

Push became shove, Then a yank with a spank, Upside my widdo head,

This t’weren’t no fun, But we’d begun, Now’s to fill my foe with dread.

A crowd of kids, Really flipped their lids, To watch us midgets fight,

But then, by golly, Our little boy folly, Clean disappeared from sight.

For as we fought, We rolled into, These fluffy new snowbanks,

And for awhile, All we saw was white, As we’d punch n bite with yanks.

Classmates dug down, Into the snow, Then we saw the “light of day”,

They pulled us punks, Apart so we, Could hear the teacher say,

“Now THAT’S enough, You two relax, Shake hands and get along!”

We did, And once again were friends, To sing a sweeter song!” 😉

NFS 9.19d


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