Norwegian Farmer’s Son…January 13th


#263=Clarice, Lowell & Rosemary; circa late Summer 1946

Why, yes indeed she did!!!  Not only did she work “outside the home”, she worked ALL OVER THAT FARM!!  😉

Our mother was an amazing career woman!  In her daily enterprises, you could see her excel as a “Pork Promoting Processor”    (she fed the piggies in our hog house). NFS 1.13n

Following that achievement, she would head over to the other side of the farmyard and engage in being a “Professional Poultry Practitioner” (she picked eggs and fed the hens in our chicken house).

NFS 1.13m

And if that wasn’t enough excitement in her life, she moved up the corporate ladder of success and achieved the status of being a “Cumulative Calf Caresser” (she’d take a small bucket that had a big rubber nipple attached and feed milk to all our baby calves in the barn).

NFS 1.13o

Now, I know this has you bowled over already with drooling envy to be just like her, but get this…….she really wowed the whole kitchen culture with her amazing career as a “Pucker Power Pickle Producer”!! (she made the BEST Dill Pickles)

NFS 1.13p

Yep, ladies and gentlemen, right there in her own localized factory (her farm kitchen).  Matter of fact, her success in the canning industry got to be known far and wide, so she branched out into “Pretty Peach Preserves Production”, “Passionate Pear Poppin’ “ (into jars, that is) and, get this…..she even took on “Wild Watermelon Rind Wrangling” (she made us her super delicious pickles out of watermelon rind).

Feeding Us

Yes, yes, I know……by this time you’re beside yourself with thrilling yearnings as to wanting to follow this grand woman in the lavish career of being famous like my Mom, but WAIT!!!  Clarice Arlone Sletten Noorlun broke all records in the demanding business of being a “Lavish Laundry Liquefier” ( she did TONS of laundry to keep our family in clean clothing over the years).


All kidding aside, as you can see, this precious lady of our lives was, after all, a farmer’s wife.  Of her own volition and heart attitude, she chose to make a career of lovingly serving the needs of her husband and we four children there on our farm near the quaint village of Kiester, Minnesota.  Mom’s choice of career has deeply embedded her in all our hearts as our “Living Treasure” for what would be the remainder of her 98 years and three months until her loving Lord called her Home to Glory on June 23rd, 2017.  Our mother will always make me proud to be a Norwegian Farmer’s Son.

NFS 1.13i

#340=Russ & Clarice N.@Pihl's Park NW of Kiester, MN; Summer 1953


5 thoughts on “Norwegian Farmer’s Son…January 13th

  1. Yes, if you grew up on a farmstead, your Mom was a jack-of-trades type of Mom, and mine was too. I do not think there was a job on that farm that my Mother could not do!


  2. Thanks, so much, Claire!!! Happy you enjoyed my tongue in cheek rendition of our sweet “career” woman Mom ;o) Yes, she truly WAS amazing to us all. The epitome of faithfulness, fairness and all that’s good in womanhood. That dear lady wouldn’t say S….T if she had a mouth full of it…..hehehe ;oP
    You’re so very kind to read my stories! Really encourages my heart that you see them worthy!!


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