Vol.2..Norwegian Farmer’s Son..September 4th

September 4th………..POEM – “Follow Me Back” by N. Elliott Noorlun

Elliott’s sister, Rosemary, came back to her alma mater, in the fall of 1964,, to crown the new Homecoming Queen….Ruthie Gilbert. Sharon Zeller Meyer (left center in white dress) is one of the elegantly dressed royal court. High School life was so mature then.

Follow me back, To 1965,

When farming, our school, And town did thrive.

When young folk still dressed, With style and flair,

T’was a sign of good parents, Who raised them with care.

Notice how all the tools, for the most part, in Mr. Parker’s shop were hand tools and not electric. He taught us all with high standards of discipline.

We looked to our teachers, With respect and pride,

For they were our mentors, Towards our future they’d guide,

Our thoughts and our actions, All tempered with care,

For they knew soon we’d face, A bold world out there.

Rewards were forthcoming, To bolster our soul,

And inspire us to greater, Achievements as goal.

And even for fun, Future Homemakers would note,

Their handsomest choice, For Chapter Dreamboat! πŸ˜‰

This is Burdette Courrier, the 1965 Kiester High School Future Homemaker’s of America’s choice for “Chapter Dreamboat” that year! πŸ˜‰

Our young folk were raised, To be honest and sound,

So even in death, Much love could be found,

To honor the life, Of their custodian friend,

By seeing that their yearbook, To his memory would lend,

A reminder that celebrated, This veteran and dad,

Who cared for that building, Of each young gal and lad.

Yes, the blue and white “Bulldogs”, Of this “Rambler” tome,

Are fondly remembered, In many a home!!!


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