Vol.2..Norwegian Farmer’s Son..December 18th


POEM – “Lucky Bucks In The Christmas Snow” by N. Elliott Noorlun

For Lucky Bucks, In the Christmas snow,

Our dear hometown, Was the place to go.

For Saturday night fun, To fill your quota,

T’was found in yonder, Kiester, Minnesota!

The merchants in, Our humble village,

Had fun ideas, While winter’s tillage,

Saw farming land, ‘Neath blanket of snow,

So to town was the logical, Place to go.

The family could do, Some Christmas shoppings,

In hopes that they’d win, Some green dollar “toppings”.

On that evening round, The time of Nine,

Many jovial holiday, Lights would shine,

From lampposts on, Our festive Main Street,

Where friends and family, There did meet.

At 9pm sharp, the town fire siren wailed up to a scream and then back down to quiet. That was the signal for all shoppers to step inside the nearest store for the drawing.

The old fire siren, High on top of tower,

Its sounding told us all, “Now’s the drawing hour”.

T’was now time for crowds, To find a store,

And see who had won, Fifty dollars, or more!

Stepping inside, Any business close,

The crowd went opposite, Of verbose.

As each merchant announced, The lucky farmer,

Whose name had been picked, To be the charmer.

“Ohhhhh RATS”!!!! “I guess I should’ve been in Kiester last Saturday night!!! I heard my name was drawn, but I wasn’t there”!!! 😦

And if that weekly winner, Was that week not present,

He must’ve felt like some, Poor lowly peasant,

Cause fifty MORE “bucks”, Went into the pot,

And after some weeks, It grew to a LOT!!

Christmas Season on the Main Street of Elliott’s hometown of Kiester, Minnesota. Each business you see here had, collectively, already drawn one local person’s name to be shared with all who stepped inside their store at 9pm on each Saturday evening.

It all made the Yuletide Season, That much more exciting,

To see those winning smiles, Beneath Main Street’s Christmas lighting!! 😉


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