Vol.2..Norwegian Farmer’s Son..August 1st


Elliott’s dad, Russell, sits in his favorite chair holding his nephew from Alaska. Russell’s sister, Ileen, and brother, Erwin, are nearby. The family TV, where Russ watched the CBS News, was located diagonally from Russell in the corner across their family Living Room.

Our dear Norwegian daddy would be washed up and ready for supper, after a long day’s work on the farm. Then, our father Russell often plopped down into in his favorite chair, next to the furnace, and watched Mr. Walter Cronkite share of the latest world events on the CBS Evening News. Our world, and its version of reporting events, has changed dramatically since those sweet days on our farm near Kiester, Minnesota. And, in my humble opinion (worth two cents), NEWS broadcasting today has declined in its ways of portraying events to the point of being 99% of depressing exasperation with barely 1% of sugar inspiration (some nice little story) at the end of each evening’s broadcast to send you off on your way. Thus, today I share my philosophical poem called N.E.W.S.

POEM – “N.E.W.S.” created by N. Elliott Noorlun on October 12th, 2017

N..othing E..ver W..orth S..haring,

That’s how I describe the word NEWS.

And to think folks willingly turn it on,

Their senses to abuse!!

The slime and grime, With tons of crime,

Are thrown at us each night.

No need to go to a horror flick,

It’s there in your Living Room’s light!

Who was the guy, Or gaggle of gooks,

That invented this here stuff??

That causes stress, And angst, no less,

As we watch the gruff and tough!!

Then there’s the glitzy reporters,

All dolled up to a “T”,

Beware as they spew, Their comments to,

Poor “ignorant” you and me!

What is it about us humans,

That seem to want to know,

Of just how bad, And to see how sad,

The rest of the world can go?

Then, at the end of the broadcast,

As they follow Director’s cues,

They throw us a tiny sugar cube,

Of what they call “good” news.

“A little kitty was rescued”,

“From yonder big oak tree”,

Somehow that balances all the bad?,

And fills our heart with glee?

Somehow I just don’t buy it,

Cause I see good every day.

People don’t mind, To be ever so kind,

In the things they do and say.

I may be alone, But I’ll sharpen and hone,

Every chance to share GOOD news!

I’m promoting hearts, That are off the charts,

As they share life’s kindest views!

It’s a better investment, Of my time,

“To be innocent of what is evil”.

Rather than dwell on bad, That this here lad,

Feels only brings upheaval.

For me, I’ll invest those NEWS hours spent,

In the study of His Word,

For that will always, Be the best,

“GOOD NEWS” man’s ever heard!!! ><> 😉

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