Vol.2..Norwegian Farmer’s Son..July 27th

July 27th………..POEM – “It’s Time To Party”!! Created by N. Elliott Noorlun

Elliott with father, Russell. Circa 1957. Three years old.

It’s time to party hearty,

And shake my boogaloo!!

I’ve created 580,

Short stories and poems for you!!!

I know I’m just a nobody,

Among billions in the world,

But I’ve had fun in sharing,

My life that I’ve unfurled!!

There’s happy, sad and silly,

In these chapters from my past,

But when I’m gone, My written life “song”,

Will still be here to last.

Storytime with Elliott and some of his grandchildren.

For my tiny living legacies,

Who are still too young to read,

Will have this tome, To read at home,

Of the life their grandpa did lead.

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