Vol.2..Norwegian Farmer’s Son..July 25th

July 25th………..POEM – “Russell Lupines For Russ” Created by N. Elliott Noorlun on 8/22/21

When our children were tiny, After Dad had died,

I wanted a colorful way,

For them to remember their Grandpa Russ,

Who had lived before their day.

Numerous times each year, On our way to Dad’s grave,

We’d stop along back country roads,

To pick “Russell Lupines” for Grandpa Russ,

We’d gather in loving arm loads.

And when we’d arrive, At the graveyard each time,

To decorate my daddy’s “place”,

Our little ones just could not quite grasp,

As bewilderment flooded their face.

Any elderly man, near Grandpa Russell’s grave, got a wave and a “HI GRANDPA RUSSELL”!!!! from Elliott’s children when they were tiny.

Too tiny to comprehend what death is,

That Dad’s “rest” was beneath our feet,

Our darlings would wave and begin to call out,

To elders nearby they would greet.

People were always compassionate and understanding to Elliott’s children.

“HI GRANDPA RUSSELL”!!!! , As they’d wave at a man,

Who stood at a distance from us.

So innocent they were, And true of heart,

We never did make any fuss.

Elliott’s father, Russell (on bed), had just been diagnosed with pancreatic cancer before little Nathan’s 2nd Birthday party in July of 1979.

Only one of our five, Ever met my dear dad,

Just a toddler when God called Dad to “Glory”.

Russell Lupines for Russ, Was our way to convey,

Dad’s memory and share his life story.

Valentine’s Day of 1980 and the last photo of Elliott’s father, Russell, before cancer took his life on February 19th, 1980. Elliott is in lettermen’s jacket.


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