Vol.2..Norwegian Farmer’s Son..July 9th

July 9th…………POEM – “A Planting Seasoned With Grace”. Created by N. Elliott Noorlun.

Granted, I have a “Norman Rockwell” outlook on the life God has given me and this is reflected in the stories and poems of my, overall, happy childhood during our farm days near Kiester, Minnesota.

In a grand sense, we are all “farmers” in that we knowingly, or unknowingly, “plant seeds” to those around us. Now, whether those “seeds” produce a positive or negative “crop” depends on the type of “seed” planted. Was it something positive? Or negative? This poem shares my heart goal of whatever I “plant”, may it be seasoned with His Grace. ><> 😉

If you come to my page, To be sad or in shock,

Or become so darn angry, You’d “clean someone’s clock”,

You’ll need to move on, From my happy face place,

For I choose my speech, To be seasoned with Grace.

Some folks seem to think, It’s their duty and chore,

To fill our eyesight, With such anger and gore,

Yet, none of it builds, And can never replace,

The beauty of love, That is seasoned with Grace.

I acquiesce, That there’s sadness around,

Just flip on the NEWS, Where it’s quick to be found,

But I’d rather “plant”, A smile on your face,

With stories and kindness, That are seasoned with Grace!!! ><> 😉


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