Vol.2..Norwegian Farmer’s Son..July 7th

July 7th…………..POEM – “Watermelon Wisdom” created by N. Elliott Noorlun on November 28th, 2020.

It’s the Summer of 1947 and Grandfather Edwin Noorlun is enjoying some tasty watermelon with his family near Fosston, Minnesota. Splayed on the ground, near Grandpa Ed in this photo, are his son, Gaylord, granddaughter Lorraine, his eldest daughter, Ileen (in foreground) and daughter Lillian (to the right in glasses). In the distance you’ll find Grandma Marie is “hiding” in the shade. To the right is the sun-illuminated window of their home that still proudly displays a United States Blue Star Service Banner with two blue stars upon it; one for each of their sons who served in the U.S. Army during World War II (Doren and Erwin).

This is an acrostic poem where the beginning letter of each line will eventually spell the words…..WATERMELON WISDOM 😉

W…..atermelon wisdom,

A…..t home there on the farm,

T…..he War had ended, Two years hence,

E…..very day now held such charm.

R…..etiring to the lawn and shade,

M…..outhwatering, cooling treat,

E…..dwin with his family round,

L…..aunched in and began to eat.

O…..hhhh ambrosia, Both for young and old,

N…..ow happy seeds for spits,

W…..atermelon cool, Brought smiles all around,

I…..ncluding some happy feet fits.

S…..hadows even revealed their mom,

D…..odging sun for cooling shade,

O…..h for these simple days of joy,

M…..elon magic there was made!!! 😉


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