Vol.2..Norwegian Farmer’s Son..June 26th

June 26th……….POEM – “Tending Their Grave” created by N. Elliott Noorlun on July 16th, 2017 on the Sunday morning of our mother’s Memorial Service. I brought tools and supplies to trim, clean and beautify Mom and Dad’s grave, as well as my elder sister, Rosemary’s grave, too.

Yellow roses were Russell and Clarice’s wedding flowers in 1941.

Sunday morning worship, Upon my knees,

Tending their grave, Near shady trees.

In Vancouver, Washington.

From a choir of birds, His anthems raise,

As I give thanks, For all of their days.

Russell and Clarice at the Chet Ozmun farm near Kiester, Minnesota.

Norwegian farmers, For most of their years,

Tilling His soil, Through joys or tears.

Elliott invested lots of Tender Loving Care to honor the memory of his parents who rest here.

They who gave so much, With caring heart,

And now rest here together, Never to part.

Russ Noorlun created and welded this very sharp lawn edger from a grocery store circular deli blade.

I used the tool, That our daddy had made,

To trim the spot, Where they are laid.

Young lovers, Russell & Clarice, in 1941.

And as we return, To everyday life,

We’ll still love this Norwegian, Husband and wife!!! ><>

Elliott found comfort in God’s gorgeous colors in these flowers near his parent’s grave site.

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