Vol.2..Norwegian Farmer’s Son..July 4th

July 4th…….POEM – “Please Call This Day By Its Name” created by N. Elliott Noorlun

Please call this patriot holiday,

By its honored, rightful name.

To call it just a number,

Is really quite a shame!!!

You wouldn’t assign a number,

To the child that you gave birth,

Why steal the glory, In the story,

Of this greatest land on earth!!??

Do you say, “Happy February 14”?

Or “Merry December 25”?

For the next generation, Let’s proclaim the elation,

Of why this country’s ALIVE!!!

Take a whole day, Or even a week,

To share the story of love for our land!!!

Of patriot’s blood, And sacrifice,

And of why we “strike up the band”!!

To be treated like a mere number,

This precious holiday,

Is really a shame, For it’s in the NAME,

That everyone should say!!

With every other holiday,

We label it with style;

From commercials and ads, Both kids and dads,

Recite it a country mile.

So teach the next generation,

What this day is all about!!


Is what we all should shout!!!

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