Vol.2..Norwegian Farmer’s Son..June 14th

June 14th………..POEM – “He’d Farm From Dawn Til Dusk” created by N. Elliott Noorlun 6/28/2014. Here, on the actual Father’s Day of 6/20/2021, I share another tribute poem to honor the life of our patriarch.

On Father’s Day, In this special hour,

I’d like right here to say,

That our hard working dad, Would show his love,

In his special farmer’s way.

From dawn till dusk, and sometimes into the night, Elliott’s father farmed faithfully to supply his family’s needs.

To care for Mom and feed us kids,

He’d farm from dawn to dusk.

From plow to plant to harvesting,

Of the corn that he would husk.

In the early years, Elliott’s father picked corn by hand!!!

With his broken ribs, Wrapped by Mom,

Those cows still needed care,

No “sick leave” time for a farmer,

His work required him there.

A cow’s swinging head knocked Elliott’s dad off of a ledge that caused him to break three ribs. All their mother could do was wrap Russ tightly around his chest and send him back out to milk those cows!!! 😦

Dad was not one, To hug n kiss,

And yet he showed his love,

By caring for us, The best he could,

Till God called him to Home above.

In 1949, Elliott’s dear daddy, Russell, had two little sweeties (Lowell & Rosemary) to celebrate Father’s Day. In 1954 and 1955, he’d have two more lil Norski’s (Elliott & Candice) running around, too!! 😉


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